Latest Trends in Mobile Computing

Latest Trends in Mobile Computing

When a new technology hits the market, every company tries to use that technology in their products. Here are some latest trends in Mobile Computing.

S.N Latest Trends in Mobile Computing
1 High Refresh Rate Display
2 5G
3 High Megapixel Camera
4 5nm Processor
5 Folding Smartphones

1.  High Refresh Rate Display

Refresh Rate means the number of times the screen is refreshed per second. More the refresh rate, the display will be smoother. Currently, most high-end smartphones and laptops come with 90Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz refresh rate display. Some of them use Amoled or OLED panels whereas some of them use LCD panels but AMOLED looks much better over LCD panels. But this high refresh rate display drains the device battery so quickly. This might be the reason for Apple not following this trend in their latest iPhones.

2. 5G

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. This is the latest telecommunications network publicly available. It is still not available all over the world but now the mobile companies are making varieties of 5G phones. Currently, Qualcomm makes the 5G modem for smartphones. There are a handful of 5G phones in the market right now like iPhone 12 series, Oneplus 9 Pro, Galaxy S21 series, and so on. Currently, 5G is not that popular all over the world because it is still limited to some countries. Hopefully, we all can enjoy 5G in near future without any restrictions.

3. High Megapixel Camera

 This is the trendiest thing in the current smartphone market, especially in budget segments. Lots of people just look at the number on paper and make their mindset about the camera quality. They don’t think about their real-world performance. Smartphone companies are taking advantage of this. They use a high megapixel sensor but cant optimize it well with their software as a result phone can’t perform well in the camera department. If you know about google pixel line-up then although they use 2-3 years old camera sensor on their smartphone they produce the best image quality. It all about the software magic done by google. Apple is also not following this trend. They still stick with 12MP sensors and they also do magic with optimization and upgraded sensors.

4. 5nm Processor

iPhone 12 Series is the first smartphone series to be packed with a 5nm-based chipset. After that, lots of other companies like QUALCOMM, Huawei started to produce their processor with 5nm process technology. Snapdragon 888 was the first android chipset that was based on 5nm. Similarly, Huawei also launched the Mate X2 folding phone with a 5nm-based Kirin 9000 chipset. Lots of other companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo are also using those chipsets.

5. Folding Smartphones

Samsung started this trend from their first folding phone i.e. Galaxy Fold. Then lots of other companies like Huawei, Motorola also announced their first folding smartphone. But other companies can’t succeed like Samsung. Samsung recently launched its new folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with major improvement over its Predecessor. Yes, they are very expensive right now and they are not perfect. Still, it’s a great concept and going to be hit in the near future.


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